ISLAMABAD - Putting its own initiative in limbo, the government is not taking much interest in verification of academic certificates of the federal government employees including bureaucrats, as more than 80 per cent employees did not submit their degrees in relevant departments even after the deadline. No further reminder has been given to the government employees to submit their degrees, while deadline for verification of degrees has already passed a couple of weeks before, sources in cabinet division shared with TheNation. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, a couple of months before, in an official announcement had directed the establishment division that educational certificates of the employees working in all federal government institution may be verified by the respective institutions. The PM had reportedly set a two-month deadline from February5 for the verification of educational degrees. Quoting the official circular, cabinet division official said the federal government had asked the officials of 17 to 22 to submit their original educational certificates for verification to the concerned admin department till March 20. It was also learnt that the only reference of the HEC given in the official letter was about verification of foreign degrees as saying 'any foreign degree/diploma should get verified from the HEC. Sources said due to extra relaxation the government employees were not paying heed to this issue. He said it was also difficult for senior employees to arrange old academic certificates for verification. He was of the view that deadline of submitting academic degrees had passed and the concerned authorities never asked to fulfill the obligation. One HEC senior employee, requesting anonymity, said the deadline for verification or even submission of degrees of such a large number of employees was almost an impossible task. It would not be out of place to mention here that academic certificates of hundreds of parliamentarians were still not verified even after the passage of more than nine months. A number of attempts were made to seek comments of Cabinet Division Secretary Nargis Sehti on the issue but his cell phone was switched off.