On 2nd May our nations sovereignty was violated, its intelligence agencies credibility damaged and our capability to defend ourselves against external threats stood dented, but our Defence Minister was nowhere to be seen. After all what purpose does the minister serve his assigned portfolio, if he was not available within the country to attend the Joint Session of our parliament, which was planned and announced with enough time period to ensure presence of the concerned minister. Either the gentleman should have his priorities set right, or quit and let somebody else handle this very important assignment. Under his watch PIA, the national airline has gone from bad to worse, with losses skyrocketing to an all time high and scams such as the Umrah passengers being fleeced bythe corruption nexusgoing unaccounted for. As if reports of pilferages inprocurement and revenuewere not enough comes news that its paid executives are reported to be involved in merry making and boozing at such leisure that the video is available on U-Tube. It is time our political ministers and the PMfollow rules and ethics, so thatour elected government could have the moral high ground to exert civilian supremacy over the armed forces. This can only happen if there is writ of law and rules are followed.Discipline and accountability can only be enforced if it starts from the top. MirTassadaq Lahore