OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The two-day workshop for women on Gender Sensitisation held under the aegis of International Finance Corporation (IFC) Pakistan, a subsidiary of the World bank, on Gender Sensitisation in the field of Alternate Dispute Resolution was concluded here at a local hotel. According to a press release, the workshop was organised by the IFC Pakistan under the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Project in association with the Karachi-based New World Concepts. The workshop on first day focussed on women entrepreneurs and business managers and on the second day on dialogue targeted at women academia with emphasis on business management, humanities and law based in Lahore. This was the second and last workshop organised by the IFC Pakistan in association with New World Concepts to create awareness among the womenfolk regarding advantages and benefits of the Alternate Dispute Resolution. The specific aims of the consultative sessions held during the workshop were to share lessons and benefits of alternate dispute resolution for discussion. Gender specialists from New World Concepts highlighted problems faced by women entrepreneurs and women litigants in resolving disputes in courts and detailed how mediation can provide a much better option to women in settlement of disputes. Benefits such as lower financial costs as well as quicker resolution time were also highlighted. On this occasion, IFC Associate Operations Officer Ms Saima Zuberi said that the main objective of the ADR program is to institutionalise court-referred/court-annexed mediation and other forms of ADR for more speedy and cost-effective commercial dispute resolution, offering greater access to justice for entrepreneurs.