Rawalpindi-The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) carried out an operation against the drug mafia across the county and seized a huge quantity of narcotics besides arresting 28 suspected smugglers, informed ANF HQ spokesman on Tuesday.

According to him, ANF seized 1677.791kg drugs, 990 litres of Acetic Anhydride Chemical, and 1965.82kg of suspected material worth 137.540 million dollars internationally during the operation and arrested 28 persons including two women and a foreigner.

ANF also impounded eight vehicles while conducting 34 counter-narcotics operations throughout the country. The seized drugs comprised 185.975kg heroin, 1407.876kg hashish, 48.800kg opium, 25kg morphine, 2.260kg amphetamine, 5.200kg ice, 6,060 Diazepam Valium tablets (2.680kg), 60,850 Clonazepam tablets (8.850kg), 20,000 Aximax tablets (3.720kg), 750kg of poppy seeds and 1203.25kg of suspected material. ANF Balochistan recovered 1340.2kg drugs, 990 litres of Acetic Anhydride Chemical, 750kg poppy seeds, and 1,200kg suspected material in six operations while arresting one accused person and seizing two vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 149kg heroin, 1166.2kg hashish, and 25kg Morphine. ANF Punjab recovered 87.46kg drugs in seven operations while arresting eight accused persons in drug smuggling and seized three vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 20.460kg heroin, 36kg hashish, 27.6kg opium, and 3.400kg ice.

ANF KP recovered 82.885kg drugs in eight operations while arresting eight persons including one foreigner arrested in the trafficking of narcotics. The seized drugs comprised 15.285kg heroin, 67.600kg hashish, 20,000 Aximax tablets (3.720kg), and 51,850 Clonazepam tablets (8.850 kg).

ANF Sindh recovered 4.73kg of drugs in two operations while arresting one accused person. The seized drugs comprised 0.230kg of heroin and 4.500kg of hashish.

ANF North recovered 162.516kg of drugs in 10 operations and arrested 11 accused including two women involved in drug smuggling while seizing three vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 1kg heroin, 133.576kg hashish, 21.200kg opium, 2.260kg Amphetamine, 1.800kg ice, 9,000 Clonazepam tablets (1.620kg), 6060 Diazepam tablets (2.680kg), psychotropic powder (caffeine 1.210kg) and suspected material 2.040kg.

All cases have been registered at respective ANF police stations under CNS Act 1997 and further investigations are under process.