ISLAMABAD - Continuing with monthly com­puter ballot for its innovative POS Invoicing Prize Scheme, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) successfully organised fifth successive lucky draw.

In addition to 1,007 lucky winners winning prizes worth Rs53 million, another 10 indi­viduals won prize of Rs100,000 each, sponsored by Metro Stores Pakistan for its valued customers. This has taken the list of winners to 1,017, win­ning total prizes worth Rs54 million. Hosted by the Federa­tion of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI), it is the first Computerised Ballot organised out of FBR Headquarters, Islamabad. This unique monthly lucky draw will now be organised in major cities across Pakistan to engage with all relevant stakeholders, mobilise public participation, and, thus, maximise tax com­pliance by the retail sector.

In his welcome note, Mr Irfan Iqbal Sheikh, President FPCCI, assured FBR of his fullest co­operation and hoped that all members of FPCCI and busi­ness community at large will stand behind FBR in collecting due tax from across Pakistan. He hailed POS as a unique digi­tal intervention made by FBR to automate business process­es and promote digitisation in tax system. Sardar Ali Khawa­ja, Member Public Relations (FBR), thanked the FPCCI for hosting 5th POS Computer­ised Ballot at Lahore and high­lighted the pivotal role of such meaningful synergies in bridg­ing trust deficit between FBR and taxpayers. Addressing on the occasion as chief guest, Mr Qaisar Iqbal, Member Op­erations-IR (FBR), reiterated that for the past few years, FBR had been vigorously pur­suing its drive for digitisation, transparency, and automa­tion not only to document the economy but also to plug rev­enue leakages through a trans­parent tax system. He further emphasised that FBR will con­tinue to maximise tax compli­ance through various innova­tive initiatives including POS Invoicing Prize Scheme. The ceremony was attended by se­nior officers of FBR, notable businessmen, office bearers of FPCCI, and representatives of electronic and print media.

FBR will continue to maximise tax compliance through various innovative initiatives including POS Invoicing Prize Scheme

This innovative prize scheme was launched to digitally moni­tor the sales made by Tier-1 Retailers across Pakistan to ensure that tax collected from customers was duly deposited into state exchequer, he further emphasised. It is pertinent to mention that in April 2022, over 370, 000 invoices were verified by around 48,000 customers who shopped from outlets integrated with FBR POS System. Likewise, over 48 million invoices were issued in April by Tier-1 Retailers which are integrated with FBR POS System. This is a phenomenal increase in public participation and is likely to further grow with every passing day.

Furthermore, FBR has al­ready distributed prizes worth Rs212 million among 4,028 lucky winners in four comput­erised ballots held in a trans­parent manner on 15th of January, February, March, and April 2022. Most of the fortu­nate winners have already got the prize money transferred into their bank accounts, after due diligence and necessary verification process. It is also worth sharing that people are showing huge interest in be­coming part of this comput­erised draw, which is being regularly held on 15th of ev­ery month in the presence of mainstream national media to ensure transparency.