QUETTA - A five-day training workshop for capacity building of investigation officers of the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE), Balochistan started today at Balochistan Boys Scouts Headquarters Quetta.

The workshop aimed to build capacity of ACEB officials on money laundering, white collar crimes investigation techniques, intelligence tools, existing laws, rules and procedures and improving collaboration with other law enforcement institutions. Qaiser Ashfaq was the resource person on day one of the workshop. Qaiser is senior civil servant with over 20 years of experience of serving at key position in various law enforcement institutions across Pakistan.

Qaiser specializes in financial investigations, white collar crimes, financial investigations and issues related to money laundering.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdul Qadir Nasar, Governance Specialist of Governance and Policy Project said that anti-corruption efforts in Balochistan have been marred either by unplanned, haphazard anti-corruption drives, or a sense of over activism that has rendered finance, planning and development, and other public service departments paralyzed. While perception of corruption is high in the province, well-organized, across-the-board efforts to curb it have been absent to date.

He further said that despite of various measures taken in recent past; ACEB’s still lacks capacity, therefore, most of the corruption cases initiated in Balochistan remain inconclusive.  The objective of the initiative was to build the institutional the skills and capacity of ACEB staff so they could perform their roles more effectively and help improve the accountability and governance in the province, said Fouzia Khan, the project coordinator of Accountability Lab.