All roads to Zaman Park blocked

LAHORE   -    In wake of possible police operation on Imran Khan Zaman Park’s residence Punjab Police blocked all roads leading to Zaman Park for all kind of traffic here on Wednesday evening. After the government’s ultimatum to the Tehreek-e-Insaf, the police set up a camp near Zaman Park, heavy police contingent was depolyed on canal road while the officials check the vehicles passing by. According to the police officials, the special branch had provided the details of the vehicles used in the at­tack on government proper­ty, the vehicles listed will be seized immediately. Earlier, caretaker information min­ister Punjab Aamir Mir had given a deadline of 24 hours to Tehreek-e-Insaf and said that there were intelligence reports that 30 to 40 terror­ists who attacked military installations are present in Zaman Park, they should be handed over to the police. Otherwise, action will be taken according to the law. Dharmpura Bridge, Allama Iqbal Road and Railway Gate were also closed and police personnel were deployed on the routes leading to Za­man Park. Apart from this, heavy police contigentand elite force vehicles werede­puted in and around Zaman Park. To prevent their leader from aresst, PTI personal security had cordoned off his residence with strong steel sheets walls. Service road including the green belt adjacent to canal road on which Imran Khan’s resi­dence main entrance is situ­atedhad been sealed with firm steel walls built in rect­angular shape. Walk through gates have been installed on both sides of the steel wall. Moreover, more than 7 con­tainers have been placed on canal road to deal with possible police action. A great section of PTI workers equipped with batons are present outside Zaman Park to go berserk on authorities, if they try to make an at­tempt to arrest Imran Khan. Following sudden advance of the police, Imran Khan ex­pressed fear of his possible arrest and the operation in Zaman Park and said in a tweet that this may be his last tweet before the next ar­rest because the police had surrounded his residence.

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