Minister Salik meets Adilah company officials as Pakistani Hujjaj depart for Makkah

MADINAH MUNAWRAH   -   Minister for Religious Affairs Chaudhry Salik Hussain visited the office of Adillah company/Maktab Asnaad Al-Mutakaamil on invita­tion of its CEO to discuss Hajj re­lated matters particularly departure of ‘advanced caravans’ of Pakistani pilgrims from Madinah to Makkah, scheduled from Friday.

Adillah, a service provider com­pany, is responsible for dealing with all hajj related/pilgrim welfare af­fairs including passport collection, departure of Hujjaj from Madinah to Makkah, visit to Riazul Jannah, ac­commodation and transport facilities. During the visit, the minister held a meeting with CEO of Adillah Compa­ny Esam Damyati and discussed the ongoing Hajj operation in detail.

The Adillah CEO appreciated the Pakistan Hajj Mission administration for making comprehensive arrange­ments to facilitate pilgrims, hoping “This year’s pilgrimage will be one of the best experiences, better-man­agement wise.” Minister Salik Hussan thanked the Adillah CEO for extending all possible assistance and coopera­tion to the Ministry and Pakistan Hajj Mission in ensuring seamless Hajj op­eration. He also mentioned that digi­tization of Hajj related services by the Saudi authorities had really worked in improving the Hajj arrangements.

Moreover, he appreciated the Saudi government for taking a number of innovative measures like formation of new companies, increasing num­ber of hajj welfare staff both male and female and use of latest technology.

The Adillah CEO stressed the need for increased interaction between his company and Pakistan Hajj Mis­sion representatives. Adillah Head of Investment Management Ahmed Hammad said the company was keen to explore ways and means for enhanced investment in the Hajj re­lated matters with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Pakistan Hajj Mission. Operational Manager of the company Aasim Sheenavi said an exemplary dedication had been ob­served in the team of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Pakistan Hajj Mission, eventually leading to a suc­cessful Hajj operation 2024.

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