Special training session organized to enhance IFA’s staff food testing skills

ISLAMABAD    -    The Islamabad Food Authority (IFA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Food Authority on Friday organized a special training session for  staff to enhance their  food testing skills. 

Talking to APP, Deputy Director Operations of IFA, Dr Tahira Saddique said that the initiative, organized by Nutrition International, aimed at to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of food safety inspections in the federal capital.

The training focused on using modern Continuous Data Recording (CDR) machines, and iCheck Chroma , she added.

The training programme was designed to equip IFA staff with advanced techniques and tools for food testing. 

With the new skills, they would be able to conduct more thorough inspections and ensure that the food available to the public meets safety standards, she added. 

The deputy director highlighted that this training marked a significant step towards improving food testing processes. She said the CDR machines represented a major upgrade in the equipment available to the IFA teams. 

These machines were expected to make the testing process more efficient and accurate, which would ultimately lead to better enforcement of food safety regulations. 

By employing modern machinery, the IFA aimed at to protect public health by ensuring that all food products in the market were safe for consumption.

This training initiative reflected a broader effort to enhance food safety in the city. 

It is part of a continuous drive to improve the capabilities of food authority staff through education and the adoption of advanced technology, she added.

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