LOS ANGELES-November 17 is Rachel McAdams’ birthday.

Rachel McAdams is a Canadian actress born in Ontario. She was originally a competitive figure skater. At age 12 she came across her passion for acting, and she grabbed her first acting appearance in the 2001 Disney series “The Famous Jett Jackson.” She appeared in her first American film in the 2002 movie “The Hot Chick” alongside Rob Schneider. In 2004, McAdams became a household name with her role in “Mean Girls.” That same year she would also star in the romantic hit “The Notebook.” In 2005, she continued to appear in successful movies including “Wedding Crashers,” “Red Eye” and “The Family Stone.”

McAdams took a break from acting in 2006 and 2007. Since her return to acting, she has starred in movies such as “The Time Traveller’s Wife,” “Morning Glory,” “The Vow” and “A Most Wanted Man.” McAdams’ biggest award to date came from her acting performance in “Spotlight.” She won best actress for her role in the film and the movie itself won an Academy award for best picture.