Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw the attention of respective authorities towards the alarming rise in dengue cases all over Pakistan.

People are living in fear because they know that they can get infected anytime and there is a probability that it would lead them to their graves. This infectious disease can only be curbed through the collective efforts of the government and the public. Anti-dengue teams should check the houses for dengue larvae properly and also penalize people who aren’t taking precautions to prevent the reproduction of this mosquito.

At home, people should use mosquito repellents; nets treated with insecticides, and keep the wet garbage in a separate covered bin. Heavily scented soaps and perfumes should be avoided as mosquitoes can get attracted by them. While leaving the houses, everyone should make sure that all body parts are covered properly. People shouldn’t leave their houses if not necessary at the time of dawn, dusk, and early evening. Awareness should be spread among people through seminars, posters, walks, and pamphlets. I hope that this letter would find an appropriate space in your reputable newspaper and would make the authorities and people aware of the situation.