Asking the Big Questions

In previous weeks, we have spoken a lot about financial survival and given the current economic situation, it is the most important thing that most of us are dealing with right now.
I often speak about the fact that the only people who say money is not important are the ones who have too much of it. That being said, in the 21st century the pace of life rarely gives us a chance to sit back and think about some of the big questions.
These are the questions that go to the very heart of our existence.
For example, have you ever wondered: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? What gives me meaning? What do I want out of life? What will be my legacy to the next generation? Why is it that some of us are born with an abundance of everything, while others have to struggle to get enough food for their families? Why am I the lucky one? What if I died tomorrow — would I die a happy man/woman? What if I only had a short time to live — would I do things differently? What is important to me? Who are the most important people in my life?
While we are all so caught up in day-to-day living and struggling with the economic crisis that we are facing, we still need to think about the big questions and the meaning of life.
Life is a very special gift that we have all been blessed with — it is up to us to make sure that we make the most of every moment.
Life comes with no guarantees, but somehow hard work, commitment, persistence, and determination all combine to help you in reaching your goals. Look at all the achievements of your fellow men and women. The history and record books are filled with stories of people who achieved what was once considered impossible. You may not wish to climb Mount Everest or break the record for the one hundred metre sprint or score the winning goal in the World Cup — but you need to know what it is that you want out of life. Only then can you achieve it.
Think about it — what is it that you really, really want. Write down your thoughts. What do I want from life? And How do I want to be remembered?
Remember, this is big picture stuff so don’t hold back! Be as honest and as ambitious and as daring as you want. If you know what you want from life will you ever have a chance of getting it. They say that when you really want something, the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it.
For those in business, remember that a business of your own gives you the opportunity and the freedom to do things your own way. You can set your own priorities and goals. Interestingly, for some businesspeople, financial goals are not always the most important.
Think about how you can you utilise your business to provide you with fulfilment and contentment in other parts of your life? Here are a few suggestions and ideas: Do business your way. Stick to your principles, ethics and sense of fairness. Create a safe, friendly working environment for staff and family members. Do something worthwhile. Give back, perhaps in the form of giving some of your profits to a charity. Work with young people: start by giving them a chance and acting as a mentor to them. Look after the environment and ensure your business does not harm the planet through its operations.
A business of your own gives you the opportunity and the freedom to do things your own way.
It is up to you to work out what you want and then do your best to achieve it. Afterall, life is not a competition to accumulate the most assets in your lifetime.
We are all different. We want different things, yet we also want the same things too: love and understanding, peace of mind, satisfaction, the joy of watching our kids grow up, just to name a few on a personal level.
On a business level we want a sense of achievement, to reach our goals, to deliver excellent service to our customers, have a good reputation among our peers and to be good corporate citizens.
Take time to think about these things — once you have worked out the big issues only then will your life have real meaning. All your day-to-day tasks and challenges will take on a new purpose. We are all seeking answers to the same sort of questions — we may be looking in all sorts of places, but perhaps the answers are within our own hearts.
Perhaps the answers have been there the whole time. We just need to take out the time to listen.

The writer is an Australian Chartered Accountant, International Author and Management Consultant. He can be reached at

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