| You will now see a new Imran Khan, PM tells Opposition | Announces full efforts to bring Nawaz back from London to put him in ordinary jail | Asks NAB, courts to bring mega corruption cases to logical conclusion at earliest | Says Nawaz trying to sow discord 

in military, govt to flee accountability

ISLAMABAD   -   Terming the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s October 16 public meeting in Gujranwala a political ‘circus, ’ Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday criticised PML-N founder Nawaz Sharif for allegedly trying to sow discord in the military, the judiciary, and the government to escape accountability for his corruption.

Addressing the convention of Tiger Force here, Imran Kahn asked the National Accountability Bureau and the courts to bring mega corruption cases to logical conclusion at the earliest.

He said the people of this country want to see the recovery of the plundered money and assured that the government is ready to extend any kind of logistic support to the courts and the anti-graft body.

Referring to the top leadership of the opposition parties, the Prime Minister said they have looted the country over the last thirty years but their cases have yet not been decided. He said the courts and the NAB are independent institutions but he will further strengthen the institutions that are under his direct control to nab these corrupt elements.

The Prime Minister further said it will be his effort from now onward to bring Nawaz Sharif back home and he will be kept in an ordinary prison.

Expressing his strong resentment over the language used by Nawaz Sharif against the state institutions, the Prime Minister termed it an attack on the armed forces.

Recalling the origins of Nawaz’s political career, Prime Minister Imran said he had first become a minister through the patronage of Gen (retd) Ghulam Jilani and reached chief ministership by “polishing the boots of Gen Ziaul Haq”.

He also accused the PML-N leader of having received “crores of rupees from the Mehran Bank to fight elections against the PPP”, saying the ISI chief at the time had submitted a report in this regard to the Supreme Court.

“It is unfortunate that our country’s courts have always helped him. This is the man who put (PPP co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari) in jail twice. It was Zardari who instituted the Hudaibiya Paper Mills case against him, he said.

The premier cited several books written by Western authors, which, he said, detailed Nawaz and Zardari’s alleged corruption during their first stints in power.

“These people can sell the country to save their stolen money,” he said. “What they did to their country is what Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq did to their people. This attack is not on one person but on the Pakistan Army. This is the same thing Narendra Modi was talking about,” he said.

He alleged that Nawaz Sharif could sell the country for his personal gains and is trying to sell him to Indo-Zionist lobbies that was why he had spoken against Pakistan’s Army Chief and DG ISI.

The premier said Indian newspapers were praising Nawaz for espousing democracy but questioned whether they were unaware that “Ziaul Haq gave him a pacifier and this is Nawaz Sharif who bought the judiciary”.

“He is only with the judiciary as long as it is with him. When the judiciary closes Hudaibiya Paper Mills case, he praises the judiciary, but cries ‘kyun nikala’ (why was I ousted?) when he is convicted in the Panama Papers case?”

The premier while describing the prevailing geopolitical scenario said the government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hated Pakistan and Muslims “more than any other Indian government in the history of the subcontinent”.

“There are constant attacks on our soldiers; they are sacrificing their lives every day,” he said, noting that 20 security personnel were martyred in two attacks on Thursday last.

“Why are they sacrificing their lives? For us; for the country. And this jackal (geedar) who ran with his tail between his legs used such language,” he added, referring to Nawaz. Imran Khan said our security personnel are rendering sacrifices for the peace and security of the country.

Imran Khan said the Army Chief fully supported the government during the difficult times including the recent floods in Karachi.

Without naming Maryam Nawaz and Bilawal Bhutto, he said that they have never earned a penny with hard work. He said, “I had already predicted 11 years ago that they would all come together. You saw that they all came together to the PDM jalsa.”

He said both of them grew up on their fathers’ illicit earnings, so it is useless to comment on them. “No one in Bollywood can act like Bilawal and Maryam,” the premier said.

He stated that the Opposition will now see a different Imran Khan. He declared that the government will bring Nawaz Sharif back at all costs. “None of those who looted country’s wealth will be given production orders.”

“The opposition has only seen one Imran Khan ... The Imran Khan they will now see will be different,” he said, adding that “no dacoit will be given a production order of any sort.”

“We will not give them any facility in prisons,” he remarked.

He challenged the opposition’s claim of rigging in the 2018 elections, saying less petitions were filed to challenge the vote count in the 2018 polls than in 2013.

Turning to the Tiger Force, the Prime Minister said they have an important role to identify the hoarders and help check the prices of essential commodities.

He said their responsibility will only be to report the matter of hoarding and price hike on the Tiger Force portal launched today and then it will be responsibility of the administration to take action.

Referring to the inquiry conducted into sugar and wheat scams, the Prime Minister said a plan has been framed to bring down the prices of the sugar.

He said wheat has also been imported to meet the deficit.

Imran Khan said Pakistan is amongst the most vulnerable countries to climate change and it will be through collective efforts we will plant ten billion trees in the country.