Imran Khan’s claims and reality

Former PM and PTI leader Imran Khan says that he was the prime minister but someone else used to make the decisions. The former prime minister nowadays tries to give the impression in public meetings that he did not have the powers of the prime minister and some unseen forces, in other words, he pointed to the establishment that they were running all the affairs of the country. What Imran Khan wants to talk about is not so difficult to understand, but one thing is clear: people can be fooled by such things. The PTI, including Imran Khan, is in a strange tussle. The army, judiciary, and parliament, there is no institution left that has not been attacked by Imran Khan and his party. It is beyond my understanding how Imran Khan targets the judiciary, establishment, agencies, and other institutions and how can he claim that he had no authority as the Prime Minister, although as the Prime Minister he claimed many times that all the decisions were made by him and the army is under him and it’s he who makes the decision. On the other hand, if we take a critical look at the period of Imran Khan as Prime Minister, it is easy to understand that Imran Khan is acting like a liar, with all his recent claims about power and decision-making by some hidden forces while he was the Prime minister.
How Imran Khan and his cabinet make accusations against the judiciary because it was the court decisions that empowered Imran Khan and he became the PM, if the courts had not disqualified Nawaz Sharif before the elections, he wouldn’t have easily become prime minister or stayed in power even for 4 years. It will not be wrong to say that Imran Khan and his party benefited the most from the court decisions against Nawaz Sharif and his family, and even today, the PTI and their provincial governments have been getting full due relief from the courts, even Imran khan managed to get relief in a case about threatening a female judge. So how have he and his party been maligning courts and other institutions when these institutions have always stood behind Imran Khan? Last year, the Punjab government challenged the decision to declare the Ravi Urban Development Project illegal by the Lahore High Court in the Supreme Court, after which the appeal of the Punjab government was heard on the first day and the decision of the Lahore High Court was suspended. And the PTI’s provincial government was allowed to work on the Ravi project, despite concerns from citizens, farmers, and environmental activists.
In its appeal against the decision of the Lahore High Court, the Punjab government had presented the position that it is a project of public interest which has been issued after fulfilling all the rules and regulations and it will bring prosperity, the request of the Punjab government was accepted by the same courts which have been massively attacked by PTI in recent past. Accepting this, the Supreme Court of Pakistan annulled the decision of the Lahore High Court and now the work on this controversial project is in full swing. A day after the decision of the Lahore High Court, the Prime Minister himself visited the Ravi project and explained the benefits of the project. There is hardly any precedent that a Prime Minister seen challenging the decision of the High Court in such a way that one day his project is declared invalid and the next day he reaches there to make the project successful, if this had been done by a Sindhi prime minister, the court would have started contempt of court proceedings.
In short, the Judiciary did not give Imran Khan such a tough time as the governments before him were given, as far as the establishment is concerned, the world knows how Imran Khan was brought to power, Imran Khan himself claimed many times that he has the complete blessing of the military establishment. In one public gathering, it was Imran khan claimed that when he had to get the budget/ bill passed by the assembly, he used to ask agencies to get him the complete support of all MNAs and through agencies, all bills in the assembly were passed as these agencies used to instruct MNAs to make sure that they are present in NA session. The matter does not end here, the way the state institutions were used against the opponents during the Imran Khan era is not a hidden matter. After being deprived of power, today Imran Khan is claiming that I did not have power and authority and there was a conspiracy hatched by the US to oust me from power, but why would anyone conspire against someone who does not have authority? Imran Khan should do politics, politics of truth, politics of principles, and politics of the people instead of conspiracy theories, tell the nation the plans that he has implemented in four years and the nation is benefiting from them, no doubt he has a massive support base with him, but practically he hasn’t done anything which the public is being benefited from, mere allegations and allegations can keep him high in his support base but won’t help him anymore because Pakistan is more in a mode to afford populism, Pakistan needs leadership which makes progress mandatory in years to come.

The writer is the Coordinator to Chief Minister Sindh and a PPP member from Karachi. He tweets at @Shahzadme

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