MQM Pakistan ‘still under Altaf’s command’

Sattar, others using low-profile party leaders for communication with ‘Bhai’

LAHORE - MQM Pakistan top leaders are using messengers to communicate with London command to dodge intelligence radar, party’s silent dissident quarters told The Nation yesterday.

Senior leaders of MQM Pakistan are very much in contact with London command, and they are using ‘low-profile party leaders as messengers to communicate with MQM founder Altaf Hussain, they disclosed to the paper.

No top leader of MQM Pakistan uses his personal cell phone or landline to communicate with high-command in London, the party insiders said.

Top leaders of MQM Pakistan have been continuously denying contacts with Altaf Hussain and insisting all the party matters are being run by coordination committee (Rabta Committee, Pakistan) after Altaf’s anti-Pakistan speech on August 22.

But the insiders revealed that the top MQM leaders in Pakistan had also sent birthday wishes to Altaf ‘Bhai’ using the same party messengers.

They said, on Altaf’s directions, MQM Pakistan would soon start establishing new party offices in rented buildings. The rent for the offices would be organised by London Office.

They told the paper about a recent audio conference among Altaf Hussain and MQM’s Europe and US chapters in which anti-Pakistan slogans were chanted on the pattern of August 22 speech.

Altaf keeps on pressing the party leaders to take anti-Pakistan position and express loyalty to him through Pakistan bashing.

One of the party leader in that audio conference said ‘this is not Pakistan’ and nobody could stop them from chanting anti-Pakistan slogans.

More shockingly, the dissidents claim that MQM Pakistan, through party messengers, also endorsed the content of discussions among the foreign chapters and Altaf.

About Altaf’s birthday wall-chalking, they revealed that it was the work of underground unit and sector in-charges of the party who did that on the instructions from MQM Pakistan’s top leaders.

There are more than 100 unit and sector in-charges of MQM in Karachi and Hyderabad who have gone in hiding after August 22 episode, they disclosed.

Earlier, MQM Pakistan leaders were using cell phone lines, known as ‘London Lines’ among party circles, restricted only for receiving calls of Altaf or his deputies - who sometimes convey directions of party supremo. London Lines are still operational at other levels of the MQM Pakistan excluding the top leadership.

Unit and sector in-charges, thought to be the real power of MQM, who carry out are arrange the subversive actions and hits on opponents, are still in contact with Altaf and following his directions while remaining invisible.

All political or militant actions in Pakistan are being carried out with the prior approval of London command. Dr Farooq Sattar, the self-proclaimed head of so-called MQM Pakistan, takes no important decision on his own and all his actions are fully in the knowledge of Altaf and his top deputy Nadeem Nusrat.

Izharul Hassan Khawaja, Amir Khan, Nasreen Jalil, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and Waseem Akhtar are all part of the show being run from London. They are just making different ploys to camouflage their London-connected actions to establish their pro-Pakistan credentials, said the silent dissident quarters of the party.

In a brief input, security agencies officials making efforts to break the nexus of terrorism and organised crime in Karachi said what would be the impact of counter-terror efforts when an officer like Rao Anwaar, who sincerely pursues his business, is unceremoniously stopped from doing his job.

More than 150 police personnel had been killed by the militant wing of MQM and other groups in Karachi primarily because of cowardice of different ruling elite who did not dealt with the foreign agents as per law, they said.

How the military agencies and paramilitary would be able to hand over the security business of Karachi to civilian security apparatus when efficient officers would be put out of business for doing their duty, they questioned. The demoralising factor would not let any other daring officer to go extra-mile to pursue his job, they added.

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