ISLAMABAD   -   The outgoing ambassador of People’s Republic of China Yao Jing Thursday expressed his confidence that October review of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) would go well for Pakistan.

He made the remark during a farewell call on the Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance and Revenue Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh here at the Finance Division. 

The adviser appreciated the commitment with which Jing worked for the progress of the Pak-China relationship. The adviser acknowledged the contributions of Ambassador Jing and China’s leadership for Pakistan and expressed hope that his predecessor will work on the same lines.

Ambassador Jing thanked the adviser for his support and expressed desire to further strengthen the two country’s relationship. He said that CPEC is a project that is an inspiration for the rest of the world. The ambassador also appreciated the strategy adopted by the government of Pakistan during the Covid-19 crisis and said that the rest of the world could follow and learn from Pakistan’s experience. At the end, the adviser presented a shield to the outgoing ambassador as a token of Finance Division’s acknowledgement for his valuable services and said that his successor will be welcomed with the same spirit.

Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Pakistan also paid the courtesy farewell call to Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar in his office.

The minister appreciated the ambassador’s role in strengthening Pak-China relations and expressed best wishes for his future assignments and endeavors. He acknowledged the support of Chinese government for Pakistan regarding social & infrastructural development, national security, territorial integrity and Kashmir Dispute. Bakhtyar touched upon key development projects launched by incumbent government to spur economy after COVID.

The minister highlighted the progress on CPEC that the early harvest projects under CPEC had been either completed or near to completion and other socio-economic projects & Special Economic Zones (SEZs) development is being expedited by the government. He said that CPEC is symbol of economic and strategic partnership between Pakistan & China and both countries would equally benefit from economic cooperation by enhancing CPEC portfolio. He also outlined the significance of Joint Economic Commission (JEC) platform to strengthen economic relations between Pakistan & China.

The ambassador welcomed the kind remarks made by the minister and shared his pleasant stay at Pakistan. He said that Pakistan-China friendship encompasses all spheres including political, institutional and popular support in Pakistan over the years. The ambassador highly appreciated the role of Bakhtyar for scaling up CPEC portfolio and expeditious implementation of the development projects as Minister for Planning to take CPEC forward and further strengthening of bilateral economic cooperation. He reiterated that China will continue to strengthen the socio-economic partnership with her all-weather friend Pakistan.