ISLAMABAD - Rawalpindi district police in their ongoing drive against lawbreakers conducted raids in different areas and rounded up five including two for selling sheesha hookahs, two for running LPG and petrol agencies and a proclaimed offender (PO), said a police spokesman on Friday.

He informed that Sadiqabad police conducted a raid at a shop and arrested two namely Umar Shehzad and Muhammad Mudassir besides recovering sheesha flavours, 15 hookahs and other items from their possession.

Ratta Amral police held Usman Shah for running an illegal LPG agency and recovered LPG cylinders and LPG refilling gadgets.

In another raid, Ratta Amral police rounded up Muhammad Tanveer, a proprietor of an illegal petrol agency.

Meanwhile, Naseerabad police managed to round up a proclaimed offender namely Moman Khan, wanted in a murder case of Kamran Ali, registered in June 2018 in Naseerabad police station.

Accomplice of the accused namely Dawood Khan had already been netted and awarded death sentence by the trial Court.