Federal Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal called on Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and discussed flood situation, water drainage and relief work in Sindh.

Federal minister told Murad Ali Shah that the prime minister has directed him to remain in touch with Sindh’s CM and assured all possible assistance from the federal government for immediate necessities.

“The province now needed 1.5 million tents but provided only 2.5 Lac tents for flood relief,” CM Shah told Ahsan Iqbal.

“People, mostly children in flood relief camps, are suffering from diseases and being provided medical aid,” Sindh CM said. “An immediate need is restoration of road link and rail network for supplies,” he further said.

“The National Highway Authority officials and Railways minister have visited flood affected areas, the Communications Minister has also called on you,” Planning Minister talking to the chief minister said.

“The work to restore road link and railway track has been started,” Iqbal told the chief minister.

“I have visited 11 districts of Sindh, people are in difficult situation,” Shah said. “We will also be required tents for sending flood affected people to their homes after drainage of water,” he said. “The people would have to keep staying near their homes till construction of their houses,” he added.

“We have to rebuild the irrigation system, restore agricultural lands and the water drainage system,” he further said.

“We have to make new planning along with relief works and determine the extent of impact of the climate change next year with the help of experts,” chief minister said.

Ahsan Iqbal said that the prime minister will hold consultation with provinces with regard to the impact of climate change and the country’s response to it.