LOS ANGELES - Kim Kardashian is posing with Hillary Clinton after she won against her in a legal quiz. Kim, who promoted her appearance in a docuseries from the former First Lady and daughter Chelsea Clinton, took to Instagram, Friday to share a snap of the trio together as she urged her fans to stream the series. Kim captioned the picture: ‘I’m excited to be a part of Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton’s incredible journey to find out what it truly means to be gutsy! Stream the docuseries now on appletvplus hillaryclinton.’ In 2019, Clinton, 47, and her daughter Chelsea, 42, created a book about many women who accomplished incredible feats and overcame mountains of obstacles. Their book included the likes of Coretta Scott King, Billie Jean King, Amy Schumer, and even Kim Kardashian. Meanwhile, Clinton also paid tribute to the Queen. On the day of the monarch’s death, the former secretary of state tweeted: ‘Few individuals in the history of humanity have led their people with such steadiness and grace as Queen Elizabeth. My condolences to everyone mourning her passing today, and the end of an era.’ Following the backlash for not including the Queen in her show about ‘amazing women’, Clinton appeared on Deadline for an interview where she talked about the monarch’s death and even called her ‘gutsy’ despite snubbing her from her series.  ‘The world lost a gutsy woman with the death of Queen Elizabeth. A woman who served her country with distinction and honor going back 70 years, but even before that as a young woman during the war. ‘Her sense of duty, honor, and commitment I think are real models of virtue that we can each learn from going forward.’ she told Deadline.