More medicines for fever treatment disappear in Karachi

KARACHI - Amid rising cases of dengue, the hardships of Karachiites intensified as they now face an acute shortage of not only Panadol but other medicines prescribed for treating fever, according to a report on Saturday.  Heavy rainfall and floods triggered different vector-borne diseases including dengue and malaria. Karachi continued to report more and more dengue and malaria cases on daily basis.  In the meantime, the non-availability of Panadol and other medicines to deal with fever have exacerbated panic among hapless patients and their families across Karachi.  
According to owners of medical stores, all the stocks were sold out because a large quantity of medicines was sent/dispatched to the flood-affected people and we are not receiving further supply of medicines from companies.  
However, the owners of drug stores are hopeful that the drug shortage crisis are temporary and soon the situation will return to normal as the matters have been settled between the pharmaceutical companies and the government regarding the supply of the drugs.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt