LAHORE - The Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) issued the affiliation letter for the four-year constitutional term (2022-26) to Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) after the recent elections. As per the affiliation letter issued by POA, Brig (R) Khalid Sajjad Khokhar (President PHF), Syed Haider Hussain (Secretary), Shahid Parvez Bhandara (Treasurer) will be part of the affiliated unit of the POA for the term 2022-26. PHF Secretary Haider Hussain met POA Secretary Khalid Mahmood in his office, where the latter congratulated the former on being elected as PHF Secretary. The affiliation letter for the four-year constitutional term (2022-26) of the officials elected in the PHF elections was also presented by the POA. During the meeting of both the officials, there was a detailed discussion about international events. POA Secretary Khalid Mahmood said: “Hockey is not only our national game but also the flagship of national sports. There are high expectations from our national sport of hockey and its newly-elected officials.” 

Khalid said like his services for hockey in the grassroots in Karachi, Haider Hussain will play his role in the development and promotion of the national sport, helping Pakistan hockey regain its lost glory.”