Pakistan is a Islamic country which is in South Asia. But a action which is reprehensible in Islam, rape, which become a common issue in our country everyday such cases are being reported across the country. According to a monthly report compiled by two NGOs, 108 children and 85 woman were raped across the country in the month of July alone. 

But it is striking us that majority of the incidents of sexual violence where recorded in Punjab, the most populous but also the most developed province of the country. Out of the 108 children who where raped, 42 were in Punjab, 32 in KP, and 21 in Sindh. Similarly, among these women who were subjected to sexual violence, 47 from Punjab, 16 from Sindh,11 from KP, 10 from Islamabad and one from Balochistan. May these cases seem low some they constituted only reported cases. 

Furthermore, last month in Karachi a top FIA official said that 2 million images of child sexual abuse were uploaded in 2021 in the country. It is a painful reality that such reprehensible actions are being done across the country, but still the residents of the country are voiceless no one is able to take a priaseworthy step against such guilty crimes which is destroying our dignity in the country. So it is about time our society and the authorities to take actions against the rapists as soon as possible,so that our children should be saved from such reprehensible crimes.