United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has issued an alert that three point four million children in Pakistan need ‘immediate, lifesaving support in the wake of devastating floods in the country. 

According to UNICEF, floods have affected over 16 million children in Pakistan. The situation on the ground in Sindh was “beyond bleak” with many malnourished children battling diseases like diarrhoea, malaria and dengue fever, as well as painful skin conditions, a UNICEF official said.

Earlier on September 11, UNICEF decided to increase the number of mobile clinics in flood-hit areas of Pakistan.

According to sources privy to the matter, UNICEF announced to increase in the mobile health clinics in northern areas of the Sindh province with the cooperation of the provincial government.

“The number of UNICEF-run clinics in flood-hit areas has now increased to 66,” they said, adding that currently, 18 clinics each are operational in Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 15 in Balochistan.

The UN watchdog reported that at least 16 million children, among 34 million total, have been affected by floods in the country. The floods have damaged over 1.1 million homes, and 18,000 schools in the country, they added.

It added that the affected people need clean drinking water, unavailability of water can give rise to multiple diseases. There are only eight weeks until the winter season starts, which will only worsen the condition, they added.