Rawalpindi-Massive traffic jams have become a routine on Adiala Road and other linking roads because of the growing trend of violation of one-way traffic rules by the prison vans of police departments of twin cities.   

Violation of one-way traffic law by the official drivers of prison vans shifting inmates from Adiala Jail to courts of Rawalpindi and Islamabad for hearing of their cases was causing gigantic traffic jams on Katcheri Road, Adiala Road, Lalazar, COD Square, Rah-e-Aman, Defense Road, Mubarak Lane, Dhama Morr, Ali Town, Munawar Colony, Hill View Lane, Jarahi, Janjua Town, Kehkashan Colony and Gulshanabad. 

Allegedly, the official drivers of prison vans hurl threats of dire consequences to the road users and vehicle owners who muster dare to stop them from violating one-way traffic law. Unfortunately, the traffic wardens of City Traffic Police (CTP) are not taking action against the drivers of prison vans of Rawalpindi and Islamabad police. 

On a daily basis, eight to 10 prison vans pick inmates from Adiala Jail and take them to different courts in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and shift them back to the prison in the evening.

Talking to The Nation on Saturday, Ms Sumaira, an Olympian and a resident of Adiala Road, said that lane violation has become the routine of drivers of prison departments. 

“They seem in a hurry and don’t care for one-way traffic law causing the worst traffic jam on several roads,” she said, adding that if any vehicle owner or motorcyclist tries to stop them from violation, the armed cops threaten them of dire consequences. Sumaira was of view that the prison van drivers are also allegedly involved in carless and rash driving and damaging the vehicles moving on roads.

She appealed to the high-ups of Rawalpindi and Islamabad police as well as Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Rawalpindi to initiate legal action against the violators in police uniform. 

Another citizen, Hashir Khan, a government employee, said that the violation of one-way law by the official vehicles disrupts traffic on all roads which not only causes inconvenience to the common road users but also makes it difficult for ambulances and other pedestrians to pass. 

Likewise, business community and shopkeepers also lodged complaints that drivers of prison department vehicles do hurry and violate one-way law in the morning when they transport the inmates from jail to courts and in the evening when inmates are being moved back to jail. This triggered heavy traffic jams on Adiala Road and its linking roads hampering the business activities. 

The common road users and the business community appealed to the bosses of Rawalpindi and Islamabad police to take action against these drivers who are involved in violating one-way traffic law. 

Senior Superintendent of Police Rawalpindi Wasim Riaz Khan, when contacted, said that an appropriate action would be taken against the violators of one-way traffic rule. He said the traffic wardens have also been passed directions to keep an eye on violators.