Audio Leaks case: Court questions recording of phone calls

The Islamabad High Court on Monday heard petitions of Bushra Bibi and former CJP’s son Najam Saqib in video leaks case.

Justice Babar Sattar while hearing the case said that questions have been raised that which agencies of the country are recording phone calls, who made recording of the Prime Minister’s Office. “The court wants answer to the questions asked,” the judge remarked.

The bench said that all parties should submit replies otherwise the Federation will be put on the notice.

“We want to be informed, who did the audio leaks and under which law,” Latif Khosa, who appeared in the case on behalf of Bushra Bibi, asked. “They summon Bushra Bibi and asked to record her voice,” Khosa said.

“A judge in a case said that the Facebook account is mine but not the post displayed,” Khosa said. “You shall argue in presence of the Attorney General,” Justice Babar Sattar told the lawyer.

“The FIA summoned lawyers with regard to the Judge’s Facebook posts,” Latif Khosa said.

“The court could not direct the FIA or any other institution now. Let submission of the report, you can challenge it than if have any objection,” the bench told Sardar Latif Khosa in an interchange.

“This court expects the FIA to submit its reply as per the law,” the bench observed.

“We have no role in these recordings, nor we do it,” Defence Ministry’s lawyer told the court. “You have said, you have no role in recording or leaks, but others didn’t submit their replies,” court said.

“Conditions are at the level that even my mobile phone is not safe,” Khosa said. “The recording is violation of fundamental rights,” he added.

“We are giving you another chance to submit report,” the court told Additional Attorney General.

The court also extended suspension of the summon served by the standing committee to the son of former CJP Saqib Nisar and adjourned further hearing of the case.

Najam Saqib Nisar, the son of the former chief justice Saqib Nisar, had challenged the parliamentary probe of audio leaks in the IHC.

Najam Saqib had pleaded to the court to declare the committee as unlawful and suspend its operation.