ECP organizes 1,640 workshops to amplify voter turnout

ISLAMABAD   -  The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has conducted over 1,640 work­shops in diverse educational institu­tions since November last to advance voter education and awareness among students, with the overarching goal of motivating their active involvement in the electoral process, nurturing in­clusivity and increasing voter turnout during the forthcoming elections.

Since 2021, the Election Commis­sion has been dedicated to involv­ing students in the electoral process. These workshops primarily aimed to emphasize the significance of voting, educate participants about the elec­toral process in the country, and en­courage them to actively engage in and contribute to the electoral process.

Since 2021, the ECP has been dili­gently working to engage students in the electoral process. Up to this point, the ECP has organized 309 sessions in diverse educational in­stitutions in Punjab, conducted 390 workshops in Sindh, held 366 work­shops in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, facil­itated 375 workshops in educational institutions in Balochistan, and con­ducted 309 workshops in Islamabad. The Commission remained steadfast in its commitment to advancing electoral regulations in accordance with Section 12 of the Election Act 2017. Through media campaigns and public awareness programs, the ECP is actively spreading informa­tion about the electoral process to diverse and underrepresented sec­tions of society. The primary goal is to impart knowledge about the elec­tion process to marginalized com­munities, youth, individuals with disabilities, transgender individuals and all other marginalized groups.

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