Education, not armoury to guarantee brighter future: Experts

Lahore  -  Experts believe education, and not armoury, could guarantee a brighter future for Pakistan. They emphasise the critical importance of equipping our children’s minds with education, knowledge, and technological advancements to compete globally and achieve success. They stress that all children, particularly those who are most disadvantaged and deprived, must be enrolled in schools urgently to enhance Pakistan’s collective progress and improve education indicators in the country.

In the context of upholding children’s right to education, experts highlighted that the battles of the future will not be fought with tanks and artillery but with knowledge and education. Former Senator Sehar Kamran spoke with APP, emphasising the need for an ‘education emergency’ declaration and implementation of a National Action Plan on education to promote knowledge among all children across the country.

Sehar emphasised that our constitution guarantees free and compulsory education as a fundamental right for children aged 5-16 and stressed the importance of extending it to 18 years. Renowned educationist Prof Dr Azmat Rubab from Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) highlighted the significance of improving teacher recruitment procedures, providing regular training, and offering competitive salary packages to attract and improve the quality and standards of education.

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