Golfing community condoles with Malik Kamran of Pakistan Golf Federation 

LAHORE - Messages of condolences were expressed by the golfing community and Provincial Golf Associations with Malik Kamran of Pakistan Golf Fed­eration (PGF) over the death of his father Lt Col Fazal ur Rehman Malik, who earned commission in 1965 and held notable appointments like Deputy President ISSB. It was during those days when he started playing golf and his playing partner was Brig Zafar Hayat, President ISSB. After retirement in 1991, he settled in Sargodha and led a scholarly life. He was the son of a Saint Haji Shoai ud Din and when Haji Shoai died on 16 September 1965, Lt Col Fazal prayed and willed that he should die on the same date and as destiny would have it, he died on 16 Septem­ber. A large number of Islamic Scholars including Justice Muhammed Ali Ghazali also condoled his death. Rasm-e- Qul for Lt Col Fazal ur Rehm­an will be held on Monday (18 September 2023) at 77 SB Col House, Lahore Road, Sargodha at 1100 hrs.

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