Hosiery factory caught stealing gas in Lahore

2 nabbed, 211 connections disconnected, Rs2.8 million fine imposed


LAHORE   -  In a major development, the SNG­PL Lahore regional team caught a hosiery factory which was steal­ing gas through a direct bypass. The factory had also installed compressors to steal gas worth millions of rupees. Two gas pilfer­ers were arrested by the police from the spot. On the other hand, SNGPL continued raids in Punjab, Khyber Pak­tunkhwa and Islamabad during which another 211 connections were disconnected while fine of Rs. 2.8 million was imposed on gas pilfer­ers. In Peshawar, the company disconnected 33 connections on ac­count of direct use of gas and illegal connections while fine of 0.4 million rupees was im­posed on account of gas theft. In Rawalpindi the regional team dis­connected two gas connections. SNGPL’s team in Mardan discon­nected 3 gas connections illegal use of gas. Abbottabad’s regional team also disconnected one connection on illegal use of gas. In Sialkot, the company disconnected seven con­nections on use of compressor. The regional team also booked 1.4 mil­lion rupees on gas theft. Five gas connections were disconnected in Sargodha on illegal use of gas. The regional team in Gujranwala disconnected 12 connections on illegal use of gas while imposing fine of Rs 84,000 on gas theft. In Gujrat, SNGPL disconnected seven connections on illegal use of gas while another one on use of com­pressor. The company disconnected two connections on illegal use of gas. In Sahiwal, six meters were dis­connected on illegal use of gas.The regional team in Faisalabad disconnect­ed 40 connections for gas theft. In Lahore, the re­gional team disconnected two connections on me­ter tampering and use of fake meter; one on illegal extension; and five con­nections on illegal use of gas for commercial pur­poses. The team also fined Rs. 0.9 million on gas theft. In Bahwalpur, the regional team disconnected 15 connections on use of compressor while another 5 on gas theft. The company disconnected 20 connec­tions on use or compressor while another 31 on illegal use of gas. The region also imposed fine of 49,000 rupees on gas theft in Mul­tan. In Sheikhupura, seven connec­tions were disconnected on meter tampering while another six were disconnected on illegal extension.

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