Int’l Digital Sports Journalism Training ends in Azerbaijan

LAHORE - The international digital sports jour­nalism training program in the his­torical city of Baku, Azerbaijan, culmi­nated in a splendid closing ceremony hosted at the prestigious Internation­al Olympic Committee Building. 

Special guest Changiz Hasan­zada, Vice President of Azerbaijan Olympic Committee, graced the ceremony with his presence. Dur­ing the ceremony, certificates of accomplishment were awarded to the participants, which included no­table figures such as Secretary Gen­eral Ezer Ali, President of Azerbaijan Sports Journalists Association Aldar Ismayilov, General Secretary Roshan Benatali, Vice Presidents Nargis Mo­hammadzai and Natig Nasiro, Sec­retary General of Pakistan Sports Writers Federation (PSWF) Asghar Azeem Khan, Shahid Khan Afridi, Secretary of SWAKP, and the leader of the 11-member Pakistani sports writers’ delegation. A gathering of other distinguished officials added to the grandeur of the occasion. 

In a touching tribute, leaders of the International Sports Journalists Or­ganization, Johnny Merlo, AIPS Asia President Hei Don Jin, and Secretary General Amjad Aziz Malik, show­cased videos highlighting the training course and the rich tapestry of sports in Azerbaijan. They extended their heartfelt appreciation to Azerbaijan Sports Journalist Association (ASJA) and the Azerbaijan Olympic Com­mittee (AOC) for their unwavering support during the week-long Digital Media Course, a collaborative effort between the PSWF and the ASJA. 

Vice President of AOC Changiz Hassan voiced optimism about the bilateral relationship between Paki­stan and Azerbaijan. “The friendship between Pakistan and Azerbaijan is wonderful, but unfortunately, enthu­siasm for sports is lacking. Hopefully, in future, we will see sports competi­tions between our two nations. Such steps would not only benefit our ath­letes but also provide an opportunity for both countries to learn from each other’s expertise.” He emphasized the importance of promoting sports at all levels and players’ exchange program. 

Hassan emphasized: “The sports media will play a pivotal role in this endeavor, as their contribution is indispensable for the promotion of sports. I hope your training visit proves to be highly beneficial, and Azerbaijan, with its week-long im­mersion in learning and experience, will greatly enrich your knowledge.” 

President of ASJA Aldar Ismailo highlighted the delegation of Paki­stani sports journalists’ visits to various historical sites, media institu­tions, and sports academies, under­scoring the holistic experience they gained during their stay

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