Multi-nation air drill concludes as PAF wins laurels

ISLAMABAD  -  The Pakistan Air Force contingent concluded its successful participation in the multinational tri-service air exercise, Bright Star 2023, held at Mohammed Naguib Military Base in Egypt. This two-week-long exercise brought together a to­tal of 30 countries, including prominent partic­ipants such as Pakistan, United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Greece and Qatar. The exercise showcased the exem­plary performance of PAF’s contingent and its state-of-the-art JF-17 Thunder fighter jets. This participation not only highlighted PAF’s commit­ment to regional and international cooperation but also underscored its capabilities and prow­ess to operate in diverse and challenging envi­ronments, said a press release issued by the PAF.

It said since its inception in 1977 as a bilater­al training event between the United States and Egypt, the Bright Star Exercise has grown into a remarkable multinational initiative, promoting combined force interoperability and shared learn­ing among participating nations to counter re­gional hybrid threats. Pakistan Air Force, with its commitment to regional stability and internation­al cooperation, actively immersed in this exercise, emphasizing the profound strategic significance of this collaborative endeavour. The PAF contin­gent, comprising dedicated air and ground crews, demonstrated exceptional capabilities during the exercise, highlighting the prowess of the pride of Pakistan, the JF-17 Thunder aircraft. Through rig­orous training and realistic aerial warfare scenar­ios, PAF reaffirmed its operational readiness and its commitment to tackling contemporary strate­gic challenges. Pakistan Air Force’s distinguished engagement in this prestigious event stands as a testament to its resolute dedication to the cause of global peace and security.

Through the Exercise Bright Star 2023, Pakistan Air Force has once again proven its commitment to upholding glorious traditions and fostering strong partnerships with the global community. Pakistan Air Force looks forward to future collaboration with Air Forces of allied countries and to continue devel­oping its capabilities to meet the evolving challeng­es in the face of contemporary security threats.

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