Over 400 students take part in ‘Kalam RoboTech 2023’ competition

Peshawar  -  The three-day ‘Kalam Robo- Tech2023’ competition, held at the summer campus of the University of Engineering and Applied Sciences Swat, Kalam, reached its grand finale with an awe-inspiring showcase of innovation and talent from 21 educational institutions across Pakistan.

 The competition, a collaborative effort between the University of Engineering and Applied Sciences Swat and the Directorate General of Science and Technology and Information Technology, witnessed the active participation of over 400 students.

 In the closing ceremony, the Caretaker Minister for ST&IT, Sports, and Youth Affairs, Dr Najeeb Ullah, was the chief guest. Secretary of the ST&IT Department, Zakaullah, Vice Chancellors, Project Directors, and other academics and students participated.

During the ceremony, Dr Najeeb Ullah commended the organisers for their exemplary execution of the Kalam ROBO TECH 2023 competition. He emphasised the importance of nurturing young talent in the age of artificial intelligence and expressed the Department of Science and Information Technology’s commitment to providing further opportunities for aspiring scientists.

Secretary of ST&IT Department, Zakaullah, highlighted that ‘Kalam ROBO TECH 2023’ was a collaborative effort involving the Swat University of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Directorate of ST&IT, the Society of Mechatronics Engineers, the National Centre of Robotics and Automation, and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Science Agenda.

 He noted that the event also included a two-day training workshop on robotics for students from merged districts, fostering inclusivity in technological education. The event featured exciting competitions, including sumo wrestling, robo futsal, robotic arms, off-road races, flying rockets, mini robot wars, and paper plane challenges.

 Dr Qasim Jan, Project Director, University of Engineering and Applied Sciences Swat, expressed his gratitude towards all involved, acknowledging that the Kabal campus of the university would soon be operational.

 Prof Dr Iftikhar Hussain, while speaking on the occasion, lauded the diverse participation, which included students from universities, schools, colleges, and madaris across Pakistan. He highlighted the significance of the accompanying two-day STEA M leadership workshop, emphasising that such events not only foster learning but also instil the motivation to excel in life.

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