Pcmea urges govt to formulate policies to resolve issues of export sector

LAHORE-Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PCMEA) Senior Vice Chairman of Usman Ashraf said that the export sectors should be divided into categories according to the problems faced by them and all kinds of support should be provided to the more problematic export sector.
He urged the political parties to make export promotion policy part of their manifesto. He further said that if the government accepts our demands, the jobs of more than 5 lac skilled workers can be protected in Pakistan. In a statement issued here on Sunday, Usman Ashraf said there are many hopes attached to the International Exhibition of Handwoven Carpets to be held in Pakistan coming October. He said that every time suggestions are given by the association for the promotion of exports, but unfortunately, instead of being taken into consideration at the government level, they are ignored. “There is a demand that special pavilions should be established for the promotion of Pakistani products in foreign countries and single country exhibitions should be organised, packages should be given to ensure participation in exhibitions held abroad,” he said, adding that our industry is not a burden on the government but the government can stop urbanisation by sponsoring this industry.
He said that the government spends billions of rupees to prevent urbanisation through agriculture and livestock development and handloom carpet industry can also provide employment to people in villages at their doorstep and we urgently need the patronage of the government so that those who are not related to this industry and the new talents can be attracted towards it by giving attractive incentives.
He said that Pakistan’s hand-made carpet products have their own unique identity all over the world, so the manufacturers and exporters who have been working for decades have an emotional attachment to it despite adverse conditions. “And despite less resources, they are trying to compete with other countries including the rival country. It is an appeal that our problems are heard so that this industry, which is suffering from a severe situation, can be put back on its track,” he conclude

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