Welcoming Change

At the pinnacle of his career, Justice Qazi Faez Isa called upon his wife, Sarina Isa, to stand beside him while he took oath as the 29th Chief Justice of Pakistan–a break from tradition that received ample support across the nation. More often than not, women who are tied to public officials are casted into the dark despite having extended immense support and embarking upon initiatives of their own. In the face of this reality, this seemingly menial gesture was anything but. It signifies that women are equal partners and must be recognised as such.
Justice Isa has set a precedent that must be followed moving forward. All across the globe, spouses stand next to each other when one of them is taking an oath and it was about time that we followed in these footsteps. While Justice Isa should be applauded for the example he has set, it is equally important to note that he has remained an active advocate for women and their leadership in public spaces. Evidence of this stems from the fact that his wife accompanied him while on his visit to Jaranwala as well. Beyond that, she has remained an integral part of his career, offering support and taking a stance whenever it was deemed fit. There is no denying the trials and tribulations that she too faced, and her presence at such a symbolic moment should emphasise the importance of equality and partnership with regards to women.
His commitment towards empowering women is further exemplified by the appointment of Ms. Jazeela Aslam as the Registrar of the Supreme Court–the first time in history a woman has been appointed to this post in Pakistan. Initiatives like these are reassuring and go a long way in protecting and empowering women in a society that so cripples their abilities. The hope is that this precedent will be followed for the years to come, and more achievements of the same nature will grace our society so that we can finally at least begin to level the playing field for women.

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