My village is one hundred sixty kilometers from Islamabad, about four hours of hilly drive via Murree and Kohala Bridge over River Jehlum. Chaman Kot in Azad Jammu & Kashmir is located at an altitude of 4500 feet. It is a very beautiful village nestled in hills dotted all over in pine trees. Chamankot has an intermediate college, a girls high school, private educational institutions, a Younani medicines dispensary, a bank and a post office. It has a number of mosques and madressas. Famous particularly for apple orchards, it had plenty of other fauna and flora that was destroyed in the 2005 earthquake. My village has mausoleum of Hazrat Chand Khan & Rattan Khan, two local saints for whom our people have great affection. My village also has another famous mausoleum, that of Hazrat Syed Ahmed Shah which is located near a hospital in Hill Surang, about one kilometer away from Chaman Kot. This hospital is Azad Kashmirs only hospital of its kind for treatment of tuberculosis. Azad Kashmirs most scenic spot Dhirkot is also located at about 8 kilometers distance from my village via Chamyati, another place famous for apple orchards. Other villages surrounding my village are Sahlian, Sanghar Bathara, Malal Bagla and others. Before I conclude this write up about my village, here is a complaint I wish to make; roads leading to my village are all in very pathetic condition. -SYED MUHAMMAD AMMAR HASSAN, Murree, April 17.