LAHORE - Punjab Police has checked  701,436 people and 27,207 were arrested after registration of 17,983 FIRs over violation of Section 144. Action was taken against 3,499 shops and 216 restaurants.

Also, 382 cases were registered over hoarding and legal action was initiated against 456 accused. During the crackdown, 479,825-kg wheat, 313,065-kg rice, 203,301 masks, 999 sanitisers and 116,525 other food items were recovered from the hoarders.

Collectively, 1,486 people were nominated in 825 FIRs whereas legal action was taken against 260 shops and three restaurants.

As many as 14 cases were registered during the last 24 hours and legal action had been taken against 22 persons and 14 of them were arrested.

The police teams provided coronavirus awareness to 5,365 citizens and 1,985 others were provided assistance.