ISLAMABAD-A subcommittee formed by Islamabad’s Local Government Commission has pointed out embezzlements worth of millions of rupees in the Directorate of Municipal Administration of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI).

DMA was once considered as a goldfish of Capital Development Authority (CDA) for incumbents especially officers who remained directors there including the present Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqat, Mansoor Ali Khan, Capitan (Retired) Shahbaz Tahir Nadeem and many others. The said directorate is now devolved to MCI after its creation.

The committee in its 17-page report unearthed the corruption, malpractices and under table settlements—terming it as a ‘mega scam’ and suggested to form a multi-departmental team to conduct a special audit of DMA.

When contacted, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister who is also Chairman of the LGC Ali Nawaz Awan informed that the commission will review the report of the sub-committee in its next meeting.

“We will review the report and decide how the commission would proceed,” he said, adding: “We can send the report to NAB or FIA for further action upon it.”

The Local Government Commission had formed a three member subcommittee comprised upon its two technocrat members Tayyaba Ibrahim and Syed Muhammad Ali Bokhari and Director General ICT Administration Ali Sufyan.

The committee was formed to investigate the corruption, negligence and misappropriation in collection of outstanding dues and tax recoveries on account for granting permission to install Base Transceiver System Towers, rights of display of advertisement and negligence in organizing the Cattle market through open auction in 2019.

In its findings, the committee concluded that in the case of the approvals of BTS towers across the city millions of rupees were misappropriated as there is no proper record available while the laid down procedure was also not followed in this case.

The inquiry committee also scrutinised the advertisement made on the faces of iconic buildings of Islamabad i.e. Centaurus Mall, Safa Gold Mall, Ufone tower, Pakistan Stock Exchange Building and units in Blue Area Islamabad in the last three years.

The committee in its findings indicated under invoicing, wrong calculation of tax and its evasion and hinted a corruption worth of millions of rupees on monthly bases.

In 2019, Mayor of Islamabad had rejected a bid below than the previous years to arrange cattle market in Islamabad as he cannot accept it according to the rules while there was not enough time to go into tendering process again and again, which forced him to allow free cattle market in capital.

However, the committee blamed Mayor of Islamabad Shaikh Anser Aziz for his failure to arrange the Cattle Market in year 2019 through auction and maintained that it sustained a revenue loss of Rs75 million.

The report blamed Mayor for not taking an alternate way to avoid such a huge loss to MCI and termed it as his negligence.

The inquiry report while scrutinising the advertisement licences granted by DMA pointed out that dozens of licences were issued in contradiction of PPRA Rules and millions of rupees are still outstanding on account of different companies.

When contacted, the Mayor Sheikh Ansar Aziz has termed the report as a mala fide move to target him and the local government setup.

“They want to involve me in any inquiry to get a base for my suspension”, he said, adding: “They will be failed as there is no case of corruption in my tenure.”

He said it is evident from the record that we increase the revenue of DMA to manifold and if the corruption was done then it was prior to my tenure.