The trend of Desi Nashtas in Punjabi ethos is extensively eminent around the world. Starting from Naan Chanay to Halwa Purri, Bong Paya to Maghaz and Nehari to Hareesa, each food conveys its own heirloom and palate. But the utmost imperative part of each Desi Nashta is The Lassi!

Lassi, Most commonly known as The White Wine, is the ideal morning beverage of the Jawans of Central Punjab. Ogling for the best Lassis in Punjab, 2 names appear on the Top! First is the Feeqa Lassi wala situated in Lahore, Gawalmandi since 1947 and second is The Jedda Lassi wala situated in Lahore Walled City since 1980. The two Lassi folklores are almost 40-70 years old and are formulating some best Lassis to date. Both of the Lassi kings have their own formularies which make individuals indulge in fancies. The sphere of both Lassiwalaas is to prepare hundred glasses of fresh Lassi every day. But to be impartial, the best Lassi is made in the pantries by our super mommies!

Preparing best Lassi entails several things; Some rudimentary ingredients, utensils and continuous hard work! For nearly 30 minutes, Dahi-The Greek Yogurt with some sugar is mixed in pot-bellied utensil with a desi instrument known as Madhaani. Afterwards a profuse sheet of butter arises on the top of the Dahi, which is a clear symbol of exertion being thru. Then the prepared concoction is decanted in big metallic glasses. Subsequently the butter is intermingled in a desi style to make a Khoya Peera. Subsequently an incessant tough effort of 20 minutes, the Khoya Peera is ready and set to eat. This Substantial Peera is further positioned on the top of the lassi.

Lastly, When the Lassi is ready, it has to be consumed by drinking and bothering the Khoya Peera with spoon.

That’s It! There is the Lassi, There is the White Wine and There is the calmness in stomach.

Sip, Eat, Sleep and Repeat!