Karachi - Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Saturday expressed deep grief and sorrow over the martyrdom of Pakistanis living abroad especially in United Kingdom, United States of America, European countries, Saudi Arabia, Middle East and other Gulf countries due to the deadly globle pandemic COVID-19.

Kamal said that the overseas Pakistanis had not only been the major source of foreign exchange inflows to support the ailing economy of the country, but always contributed their role to steer the country out of crisis. He expressed these views while addressing to his party’s overseas chapter officials here at Pakistan House.

“Today, these patriotic Pakistanis need us, therefore, the government should utilize all available resources by contacting all countries through Pakistani embassies and ensure maximum relief to the fellow countrymen. In this difficult time, we will not leave overseas Pakistanis alone at any corner of the world.

The entire nation is asking for the safe return and security of Pakistanis across the border,” he explained.

He added that overseas Pakistanis are currently experiencing difficult conditions amid coronavirus outbreak. In most of the countries, a large number of Pakistanis are facing severe problems due to unemployment and in this situation, their families are also in severe mental agony.

However Kamal said the distressed families should not feel themselves alone, PSP was their voice and well aware of the great services of Pakistanis abroad.

In this time of trouble, the whole nation stood side by side. Kamal instructed all PSP overseas chapters to get in contact with all the Pakistanis living in their respective countries and provided all possible assistance to their fellow countrymen in this testing time.

Meanwhile, Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said that he had written many letters to federal and Sindh governments and asked them to provide assitance to Karachi Metropolitan Corporation for combating the coronavirus but to no avail.

The local government Karachi has effective team of doctors, paramedics as well as infrastructure and 58 ventilators but all these things were not utilized in well-manner by the federal and provincial governments.

He said this while addressing a meeting of Medical Superintendents of public sector hospitals and Chief Executive Officers of private hospitals here. Metropolitan Commissioner Dr Syed Saif ur Rehman, Dr Asim Hussain of Zia ud din hospital, Dr Abdul Bari of Indus Hospital, Dr Salman Fareedi of Liaquat National Hospital, Dr Farooq Mamji of Mamji Hospital, Private Hospitals Association of Medical and Dental Chairman Dr Ashfaq Sohail, Dr Asif of Ashfaq Memorial Hospital, Dr Ali Farhan Chishti of Darul Sehat Hospital, Dr Mazhar of Patel Hospital, KMC’s Senior Director Medical Services Dr Salma Kausar, Senior Director Coordination Masood Alam and other officials were also present on the occasion.


Akhtar said that a large number of Karachiites came to 14 hospitals under administrative control of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and they wanted to expand Covid-19 testing facility at these hospitals. “In a meeting span over two hours we deliberated how to control the coronavirus pandemic,”he added.



He said that the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation neither has testing kits nor the funds to buy the same. Dr Abdul Bari of Indus Hospital promised to provide testing kits as well as personal protection equipments to the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation whereas Dr Asim Hussain and Dr Salman Fareedi promised to give techical assistance regarding ICUs and laboratories



The Mayor was of the view that right now, 2500 to 3000 tests were being conducted by the Sindh Government and the numbers could be extended to 6000 if the hospitals under administrative control of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation were provided this facility. “We have manpower, laboratories and ICUs and all we need is techincal assitance so that the people could be served in more efficient manner,” said Akhtar.


He added that three centres were being established at Landhi Cardiac Emergency Centre, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and Karachi Institute of Heart Disease’s new building with the assitance of private hospitals. He said that critically ill patients would be looked after in ICUs of Abbasi Shaheed Hospitals.


The Mayor said that Covid-19 facility would be free of cost at these centres. He regretted that the situation might have been different had the provincial government devised joint strategy, adding that now they would approach private sector to serve the people at large.


“From the very first day it was our desire to serve the masses but we could not do it efficiently owing to shortage of funds but we have an opportunity to serve the coronavirus infected people,” he concluded.