LAHORE-The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has deposited Rs 10,536,500 in Prime Minister’s Covid-19 Pandemic Relief Fund as part of its contribution to the fight against the pandemic.

On March 25, the PCB had announced that the centrally-contracted players will make a collective contribution in the emergency relief fund, while the PCB will separately match the contribution of its staff.

PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani here on Saturday said: “I want to thank all the centrally-contracted players and the PCB staff for their generous contributions in the Prime Minister’s Covid-19 Pandemic Relief Fund. Cricket has once again demonstrated that it values, respects and cares for its fans, followers and supporters, and will continue to do so.”

Mani also prayed for the well-being of the medical professionals, who are playing their role in tackling the virus. “In these difficult times, we pray for the health and safety of our paramedics and other frontline fighters, and hope the government will succeed in its endeavours in overcoming this pandemic.”

The coronavirus relief fund has been set up by the federal government to help fight the coronavirus pandemic in the country. The premier asked people to generously donate to the fund. “I want everyone to donate towards this fund which will be used to take care of all those who have been made destitute by the lockdown,” he had stated.

Speaking about the generous move by the PCB, Federal Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Dr Fahmida Mirza said: “The PCB has been one of the leading organisations, which has helped and supported the government by spreading public service messages to create awareness about this pandemic.

“They have now gone an extra yard by making this generous donation, which will be used to support our frontline fighters as well as the underprivileged. On behalf of the government, I thank the PCB and hope they will continue to use their brand and reach so that we can collectively achieve our objectives.”