Siraj reiterates demand of fresh elections, calls for electoral reform prior polls

Emir Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Sirajul Haq has reiterated the demand for fresh elections and also called for electoral reforms before the polls.

Addressing a press conference at Mansoorah on Tuesday, he said Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif should hold a national dialogue for the revival of the economy. The current PM, he added, had frequently highlighted the need for a national dialogue on the economy as an opposition leader in the same assembly.

Sirajul Haq said the JI believed the general elections were the only way forward to bring the country out of prevailing crises. The nation, he added, was badly polarized and it was the responsibility of the political forces to unite the people. He said the ruling elite failed to address the problems of the people and their only objective was to achieve power by using all fair unfair means. He said few families were in power for years with the backing of the establishment and they never showed seriousness towards the country.

The JI, he said, wanted free and fair elections with the principle of proportional representations. He said that the JI also prepared a draft on electoral reforms and formed a committee comprising Liaqat Baloch, Mian Aslam, Senator Mushtaq Ahmed and Ameerul Azim to meet the political parties to develop a consensus on the poll reforms.

The JI chief said the PTI failed to deliver in three and half years and it seemed the new government would also be unable to perform because it was an amalgamation of different parties having no common agenda.

He demanded the prime minister recognize the Afghanistan government and start a dialogue with all political parties to cool down the prevailing tension and tussle among workers and followers of different parties.

To a question, Sirajul Haq replied that former prime minister Imran Khan made a telephonic contact and the JI welcomed it though the PTI chairman contacted him after five years. He demanded the Supreme Court form a judicial commission to hold an independent investigation into letter-gate.

The JI Emir earlier presided over MajliseAamala (Working Committee) meeting which condemned the Israeli force's terrorist attack on Masjide Aqsa and Islamophobic incidents in Sweden. It demanded the OIC and the UNO take notice of the Israeli aggression and victimization of the Muslim communities in different parts of the world.

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