Tobacco smoke contains chemicals that cause cancer: Cardiologist

HYDERABAD   -  Smoking damages nearly every organ in the body and is bad for a person’s overall health. People can significantly reduce their chance of smoking-related disease by giv­ing it up. Talking to APP here on Thursday, Eminent cardiologists Dr. Zaman informed that the tobac­co smoke contains more than fifty chemicals that cause cancer. He said that tobacco also contains nic­otine, which is a highly addictive psychoactive drug. When tobacco is smoked, nicotine causes physi­cal and psychological dependency. He said that every third Pakistani after the age of 40 was suffering from high blood pressure, whereas only 3 percent of them get regular medical checkups. He said that the smoking is not only injurious for the users, but passive smoking is also a great threat to those who associate with the smokers as in­haling of cigarettes’ smoke could cause more complications.

Dr Zaman said that smoking is the biggest totally avoidable cause of death and disability known to mankind and any support for the growth, distribution or sale of to­bacco is indefensible on public health grounds. Dr said that the smoking can also cause threat of ten percent more of oral can­cer such as tongue, mouth and buckle cavity and 15 percent to other diseases including cardiac, tuberculosis, asthma, shrinking of mouth tissues and respiratory system. He further informed that alternate use of smoking like anti-smoking chewing, Gutka, leaf with chewing tobacco and battle nut are more dangerous for those who left smoking. Only the strong will power can bring them back to­wards healthy life, he added.

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