KURRAM AGENCY - As many as 50 persons, including 36 miscreants and three women were killed while 56 others critically injured in the fresh fierce battle between the warring groups of Kurram Agency on Monday. The death toll in the 12 days' fighting has crossed the figure of 287. Different report said that six major tribes in Lower Kurram Agency, including Sato Khail, Hamza Khail, Doparzai, Ghundi Khail, Ali Zai and Tori tribes have also speed up their cleanup operation in their respective areas and are continuously repulsing the attacks of miscreants. In the fight, eight miscreants were killed in Mulla Kaly and Chaki Kaly, 10 in Inzari Village while 18 in Bugzai of Lower Kurram Agency. 14 tribesmen, including three women were also killed in these clashes. Beside this, the tribesmen also recovered huge quantity of sophisticated weapons from the hideouts of miscreants. The infiltration of foreign miscreants have further aggravated the situation as battle rages on at different areas, including Urwali, Eid Akbar Kalay, Mullah Kalay, Kirki Kalay, Inzari, Alizai, Khar Kalay, Sangeena, Bash Khail, Para Chakni, Pewar, Teri Mangal, Kotri and Sarsarang areas. The dwellers have also taken control of Aid Akbar Kalay, Kirki Kalay, Mulla Kalyay, Chiki Kalay and Raga Kalay from the miscreants. Meanwhile addressing the press conference leader of Tori tribe Captain Ali Akbar said that the infiltration of foreign militants had sabotaged the areas' peace, which needed government's attention. "The miscreants are openly crossing the Pak-Afghan border along with sophisticated weapons while there is no proper check of government," he added. He demanded of the government to block all routes to bar infiltration of miscreants in the area.