ISLAMABAD - Like other segments of society, majority of the artisans lauded the President's resignation and termed the decision to save the country from confrontation. "He has westernised thinking and gave too much liberalisation to artists community, we are artists but at the same time we are Muslims and there must be balance in each and every thing", artist Najm-ul-Hassan said while sharing his views about the President resignation here on Monday. He further continued that Iranian art is considered to be most modern and expensive art of the world, and they strictly follow their norms and values. He said that our leaders have created a situation, in which just political celebrities are important, they are just struggling for their survival and don't have time for solving problems of masses. Sulman Adal, a flute player, said that just faces of leaders are changing and characters remain the same, our leaders always preferred in stuffing their own pockets and not bothered about betterment of people. "It was good news for us, as from last couple of months we could not manage to hold any art activity owing to current political uncertainty", said artist Nahida Raza, who also runs her own art gallery. She said that political situation of a country affected each section of society and the president resignation will provide relief to the masses. "We all are concerned about Pakistan's future and least bothered about impeachment, his decision of resignation is good step", Nageen Hyat, owner of Nomad Art Gallery said while sharing her view. On the other hand renowned painter and owner of Hunarkada, Jamal Shah said that the president should have resigned soon after the general elections. He said that artists are living in extreme poverty due to lack of financial resources, as he did not initiate art projects during his rule.