LAHORE- PML-N President and Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said that August 18 is a blessed day because on this day the nation got rid of a dictator. He was addressing the CPNE and APNS office holders on the eve of a dinner held in their honour at 90-The Mall, Lahore. Shahbaz Sharif had flown to Lahore from Islamabad specially to attend the gathering and he would return again to Islamabad to take part in the negotiation of the coalition partners. Addressing the gathering Mr Sharif said the question of giving constitutional cover to Musharraf's actions was not a part of the accord settled by the coalition partners. He said Nawaz Sharif had made it clear that the PML-N would never become a part of any move to legalise the steps taken by Musharraf. Shahbaz Sharif said that all the parties of the ruling coalition favoured the reinstatement of judges, as did PML-N. "We want immediate reinstatement of judges and the moment they are reinstated would be the historic moment of our national history," he said. The Chief Minister further said that the Murree Declaration clearly provided the reinstatement of judges and it had also been agreed through the CoD of July 6, 2006 that PCO judges would not be taken back in services. "This matter is on cards now and it is hoped the matter will soon be settled," said he. Shahbaz paid a great tribute to the role of media during the crisis and he vowed that he would go ahead by consultations with the media. He disclosed that the ruling coalition was discussing who the next president would be. The CM expressed his opinion that the new president should be uncontroversial, no mention whether he was a political figure or un-political. He said that he and his party wanted that there should be a poise between the powers of the Prime Minister and that of the President, in addition to rooting out of 58(2)b and restoring the Constitution to October 12, 1999 position. Shahbaz also pleaded in favour of provincial autonomy as laid down in the CoD. He refuted all the charges levelled by Pervez Musharraf in his farewell address terming the acts claimed to had been done by him as false. Talking about the war on terror he said Musharraf had done nothing in this regard because he considered the Parliament as a group of the illiterates and he did not like to take the people in confidence. Shahbaz counted the strengthening of the democracy, a roadmap for a colony, war on terror and eradication of poverty as some of the challenges faced by the present government. He said that the Parliament must be taken in confidence with regard to war on terror, disclosing that the same point had been discussed during General Kiyani's briefing. The Chief Minister opined that the hardliner militants should be dealt with an iron hand while the others who are moderate should be negotiated. He showed concern over the situation on the eastern borders of the country maintaining that the Indian army atrocities were on the mount these days, which was a matter of grave concern. He also said that the situation in Balochisatn was not satisfactory while the foreign elements too were creating unrest taking advantage of the situation. Shahbaz further said the government was striving to bring all the provinces in the national mainstream and to provide facilities for peaceful life to the people of Balochistan in order to maintain peace and order there. In reply to a question why he did not visit the other provinces in capacity of PML-N President, he replied that he had visited other provinces too. "In fact, I am wearing two caps at a time: One is the cap of the PML-N presidentship and the other of the Chief ministership which is the real cap. Following the legislation in the Musharraf regime which rendered it impossible for Nawaz Sharif to continue as PML-N President I had to wear this cap." He said tribute to General Kiyani for keeping the army impartial in the Musharraf crisis.