ISLAMABAD - The whole nation welcomed president Musharraf's resignation and people from all walks of life celebrated his resignation like a special event. After hearing news that President Musharraf is going to address the nation, people sit in front of their television sets and soon after hearing the long-awaited announcement people started shouting and dancing. Workers of political parties distributed sweets in streets to celebrate their victory. It is the victory of democracy and now I believe that the coalition has successfully delivered what they had promised to the nation, said Abdullah Ahmed a schoolteacher. He said after the coalition government announced to impeach the President the nation was desperately waiting that president would resign in a day or two but it took 12 days. I am surprised over people's reaction. It is the same scene which I had witnessed nine years ago when Musharraf had taken over the Nawaz government and people were distributing sweets, said Nazia Hasan, a working lady. Still there were some people who were least bothered about President's resignation. Hailing from the same school of thought Nazia Gillani said what people are celebrating what people really wants? She questions. They do not even know where they are heading, she added. I am least bothered about President resignation, as not a single politician is honest with their motherland, she said. If he had not done the Lal Masjid operation I can forgive him but now it is not possible, opined Saad Irshad, a cold drinks vendor. He proved that he was a coward person as if he was right in what he told the nation in his last speech then why did not he stand to face impeachment. His resignation shows that he is a culprit, he further added. This is first step although the nation was expecting that he would be impeached. Now that he has resigned the government should undertake his trial. How he can just leave like this he should not be provided safe exist at any cost. demanded pathologist Dr Anawar-ul-Haq. He stressed that no foreign government should give him asylum and he should be hanged to death as he has murdered thousands of our innocent people in the name of so-called war against terrorism. Much response has come from the lawyer's community and political parties, as the decision is in their favour and the general public is only playing the role of silent spectator, said advocate Anam Mukrhar.