LAHORE - Wild celebrations erupted throughout the country and the City among lawyers as soon as Pervez Musharraf announced his resignation after having been clung to the power for nine long years. Jubilant lawyers shouted "go Musharraf go" and hugged each other in joy at the premises of the Lahore High Court Bar Association. With the announcement of Musharraf's resignation, many black coats burst into tears in joy while few bowed their heads before Allah Almighty in gratitude. The lawyers were felicitating each other saying all this has happened due to their relentless movement and sacrifices, which they rendered for restoration of democracy and independent judiciary. They, however, were of the view that it was the partial victory for lawyers because their ultimate goal was the re-instatement of judges who were sacked on November 3. There were rowdy celebrations round the country as people thronged to streets, hugged each other. They also made phone calls and sent SMS to their friends and relatives. Sweets were distributed among the jubilant lawyers and the people who were dancing on the tune of drumbeats. The whole nation and lawyers anxiously listened to the Musharraf's one hour-long speech. All the barrooms of the LHCBA were filled to capacity as black coats remained sitting before the TV. They laughed and stirred when Musharraf during his speech time and again said he always opted reconciliation path. A lawyer said, "you (Musharraf) tortured and threw lawyers behind bar. You are only a dictator who did not believe in reconciliation." With the announcement, hundreds of lawyers came out of barrooms shouting, "go Musharraf go" and went to the Mall Road. The political activists and representatives of the civil society were also present outside the LHC building. They congratulated lawyers and hoped the judges would be restored soon. As the lawyers were celebrating their triumph, the motorists also stopped their vehicles and joined jubilation. Some waved their hands and flashed victory sign to the black coats while other saluted lawyers paying tributes to them for launching a massive movement against Musaharraf's move to tame and stifle judiciary by suspending CJP on March 9 and then sacked 60 judges in the wake of November 3 PCO. The lady lawyers who stood shoulder to shoulder with their male colleagues during the movement also joined the celebrations and distributed sweets. The dancing lawyers also demanded to bring Musharraf to justice on account of gross constitutional violations. "It's a historical day in the country history. It is a day to celebrate. We thank Allah Almighty and salute nation who wholeheartedly supported lawyers' movement", said LHCBA president Anwar Kamal. Emotional scenes were also seen when few old men standing on the roadsides stepped forward and hugged lawyers with tears in their eyes. After staying half an hour on the Mall they lawyers retuned to LHCBA premises.