It is indeed a humiliation of public servants as a group when services of senior most officers are terminated in the style of a coup. This happened recently in case of the Foreign Secretary and now in the case of Chairman FBR. That reminds me of the attempted dismissal of General Musharraf by Nawaz Sharif after he had eased out General Karamat before him. With hindsight, Nawaz Sharif must be thinking that history would have been different had he not even pushed out Gen Karamat. Well, hindsight is a luxury that is not allowed to political leaders. They are supposed to have foresight In a civilized society, if the services of people holding such high offices are dispensed with, they are allowed to go gracefully, with farewell dinners and speeches. Graceful departure should be the custom of public service in our country too. The officers also must not try to overstay when the time of their exit has come. It is better to go than be pushed. India's President Abul Kalam left the Rashterpatti Bhawan with just one suitcase but with plenty of satisfaction unlike Musharraf who dreads the day of his eventual departure -KHALID A., London, UK, via e-mail, August 3.