Karachi - The lawyers took out a rally here on Monday at MA Jinnah Road after the resignation of President Pervez Musharraf and demanded to take him to the court. They also urged to restore the deposed judges. As per detail, the lawyers gathered at the office of Karachi Bar Association after the speech of the President in which he announced to resign from his post, the lawyers also congratulated to each other and distributed sweets. Later, the lawyers took out a big rally on MA Jinnah Road and chanted slogans against Pervez Musharraf and demanded to restore the deposed judges. While addressing to the lawyers, Member of Sindh Bar Council Sallauddin Gandapor demanded that Pervez Musharraf must be brought to the court and should be accountable for all the unconstitutional acts as had done in his regime, alleging that he was involved in the killing the innocent people especially in NWFP, Balochistan and also in Lal Masjid Operation. He also demanded to probe the judicial inquiry of the incidents of 12 May 2007, and 9th April under the supervision of deposed Chief Justice of Sindh High Court Sabhiuddin Ahmed, he added that a number of innocent people were killed in various were injured in Karachi during the both incidents when the lawyers' movement was on its peak. He added that the nation should be thankful to God at the end of nine years of the dictatorship in the country. On the occasion, President of KBA Mehmood-ul-Hassan alleged that Parvez Musharraf had brought the country to the civil war and also killed a number of innocent people who were never involved in any crime or anti state activities. He said that Musharraf should neither be given safe and secure passage nor let him quit the country, rather he must be brought to the justice. He also demanded to reinstate the deposed judges within three days and the judiciary should be restored in November-2, 2007, position, as the parties in the government had promised to the people during the election campaign.  The Secretary of KBA Advocate Naeem Qureshi, Naheed Afzal, Muzaffar Iqbal Sofi, Azam Rafiq, Ms Shazia Latif, Sagheer Ahmed and others also addressed on the occasion.