LAHORE - The general public has welcomed tendering of resignation by President Pervez Musharraf (former), but at the same time, many expressed their reservations about present leaderships' ability to handle the tricky issues facing the country at the moment. A few also demanded trial of the former president, saying, he must be punished for abrogating the constitution and destabilising the country by his wrong policies. "It's nice to see people celebrating the exit of Pervez Musharraf, as the country has got rid of a dictator, yet there is big question mark on the credibility and ability of present leaders to bring the country out of the current crises", said a book seller at Old Anarkali, when asked to express his sentiments about Musharraf's resignation.    Aysha Nisar, a student of Mass Communication, said, "Musharraf took the right step by resigning but he should be brought to trial for all the injustices he has done during his rule. "No doubt, the resignation would certainly bring some level of political stability in the country. However, what worries me the most is the prevailing socio-economic crisis, which must be addressed by political leadership. I can just hope that the development leads to some constructive outcome", she further observed.   A security guard, Gul Sher, expressed happiness at the President's resignation and said, "Musharraf made the state unstable by his unwise policies which gave rise to internal insurgency. He also criticised Musharraf for his what he called mishandling of Lal Masjid issue". When asked if he had high hopes about future of Pakistan, he said, he had no faith in Asif Zardari, but Nawaz Sharif would certainly do something to steer the country out of current crises. "All our leaders are thieves. The one who has left was a looter and the one who will rule would also be the same. Unfortunately, they all have sucked the blood out of the innocent public." Tariq, a Rickshaw driver said. A businessman, Pervez Khokhar who was pro-Musharraf expressed his grief by stating, "Musharraf in co-operation with foreign countries saved Pakistan from external threats. People themselves were involved in corruption and other misdeeds but it was Musharraf who was put to blame", he observed. He said he did not expect much from present government.   "A revolutionist like Khomini is the requirement of our country. Someone with a transparent record should lead", Sufia, a Stock Exchange employee. said while talking to The Nation.  She believed that Musharraf's exit would be of no use as whoever gains power has his own vested interests. She said regaining economic stability was the biggest challenge for the present government, "But I am not satisfied that the coalition would do much in this regard." Faizah Sadaat, a concerned citizen said, "The process of impeachment has been nothing but enmity and revenge and was void of any patriotism. This kind of politics should come to an end. Now it's up to Zardari and his coalition parties to move towards genuine reconciliation. It looks as if it has become the fate of the people of Pakistan to celebrate only the arrival and exit of a person meanwhile the period in between is a period of true misery for them", Faiza maintained. Shopkeeper Raza Khan said, "Musharraf's arrival or departure may effect traders or elite class but it has no impact on us. Our condition remains the same." He added that price hike and education should be the foremost priority of this government. Waqas, an ICI employee expressed his joy, saying, "finally we have gotten rid of this hurdle, as his exit would prove beneficiary for stability of Pakistan" He said a common man has to accept whoever comes into power because he has limited leaders to choose from. "The stability of the country is in threat which should be focused upon", he added. "A grave responsibility now lies on the shoulders of the coalition. While one big challenge for the ruling government has been overcome, yet the biggest challenge is whether it can convert Musharraf-free Pakistan into to a problem-free Pakistan", said lady worker belonging to PPP. " Aysha Nisar, Khadija Fatima, Faizah Sadaat